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To our valued clients:

We continue to add to our list starting from the clients whose appointments were cancelled in March and have been working our way down the list.

To prepare you for what the salon experience might be when you come back we have added a list of current recommendations and guidelines from Ontario Health and Safety for Hair Salons.

We miss you all and can't wait to see you!

Booking Appointments:

to the overwhelming people that will require appointments, you must call or email to book, only clients with appointments will be allowed to enter into the salon.
* We are currently not booking appointments for children as they cannot come alone or may not be able to properly wear a mask for the duration of an appointment.

When you enter our Salon:

*Clients will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicle until it is their time to come in.
*Customers must come in alone to their appointment, there is no waiting area.
*Bring in only what you can fit in your pocket like Phone and keys.
*Our coat rack has been removed, please leave sweaters and coats in the car.
*Purses must not placed on stations or counter tops, please only bring in your method of payment.
*Please leave jewelry like earrings that you may need to remove at home.

*Clients will be required come in masked and wear it during the duration of their appointment.
*Masks will be available for purchase if you forget one, skin/fabric tape is available to help keep masks off the ears during a color service.
*Clients must wash their hands and sanitize their phone when they enter the salon.
*Outside gloves are not permitted in the salon.

*Food and Drinks will not be allowed in the salon during your visit as you would need to remove your mask to eat.
*Clients must have a temperature lower than
100°F (37.8°C).

    -We will use of a touchless infrared thermometer and record the clients temperature, you will be asked a set of screening questions.


During and after your service:

*Clients will receive a new washed cape before any service begins.
*Clients must remain in their designated seat during their appointment. They may process outside if they like but must wash their hands and sanitize their phone immediately upon re-entering.
*All chairs, trolly tops, station tops, capes and tools will be cleaned between each client.
*Staff will get any product you need from the shelf area.
*Clients will have to exit the salon after their appointment to allow the next customer to come in.
*Debit Machine is wiped down after each use, we are still accepting Cash.


Our Staff

*Staff are required to be Trained in
Covid-19 transmission, protection, sanitization and disinfection procedures prior to coming back to work.
*Stylists will wash their hands immediately upon entering the salon, frequently during the day and before and after every service.
*Stylists will wear a new smock for every client.

*Staff will wear a snug face mask covering nose and mouth and during the entire duration of your appointment.

*Highly touched areas like doorknobs and light switches will be sanitized frequently.

* All staff must have a temperature lower than 100°F (37.8°C) and have no symptoms prior to each shift.


Services we will currently not be offering or limiting:

*We are limiting blowdying the hair depending on how many customers are in the salon.
*Upper Lip Waxing
*Facial Hair Trimming
*Ear Piercing

Thank you for all of your patience and understanding, we can get through this new normal together!


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