Ionic Detox

Bio-Cleanse System Sessions

30 Min Session


5 Session Package

25.00 per session

10 Session Package

20.00 per session

Why Detox

Our body should replace 98% of its cells with new ones. In order for our bodies to function, our body needs to eliminate the by-products of our cellular and metabolic waste. Our bodies also needs to eliminate the toxins that come from outside sources: prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, chemicals such as Aspartame, food additives, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals in our water, pollution in the air, chemicals in our make-up, and in cleaning supplies. Toxins can also build up from poor digestion, as a result of our modern day eating habits: processed foods, high sodium and nutrient deficient take-out food, fried food, and the list goes on.

It is only a matter of time before toxins build up in your blood, joints, cells and organs, leading to various diseases on an physical, physiological and emotional level.

Symptoms of a Toxic Body

* Acne, blotchy skin, Eczema, rashes

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, low energy

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, gas, acidity

* Weight gain, protruding belly , bloating

* Recurring headaches, dizziness, mental fog

* Powerful food cravings (ie. sugar which can lead to Diabetes)

* Diseases such as Arthritis, colon cancer, poor blood circulation

* Immune suppression which can lead to frequent colds

* Parasites, yeast or Candida Infections




* Remove toxins and cellular waste 

* Stimulate and balance the immune system 

* Assist in weight loss

* Enhance immune system and resistance to infection

* Remove acid waste

* Improve skin conditions such as Acne, eczema 

* Improve blood circulation

* Slow down aging and improve look of the skin 

* Increase oxygen in body

* Improves energy, mood, sense of well-being 

* Improve flexibility

* Improved mental clarity and function

* Improve sleep

* Purify blood and lymphatic system

* Improve digestion


* Enhance nutrient absorption 

* Increased energy level


* Balance pH levels in the body

* Reduce inflammation, which can lead to reduction of pain, tension, headaches

The Bio-Cleanse System

Part 1: Loosening Toxins

Simply by taking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning (or chlorophyll, fresh vegetable juice)

Part 2: Expelling Toxins

The Ionic Foot Detox— The water is ionized and split into positive and negatively charged ions. These ions travel through your body and neutralize oppositely charged particles. Through osmosis, the neutralized toxins are pulled out of the body through osmosis. The soles of the feet have over 250,000 pores, making the feet the ideal conduit for osmosis. The water will charge colour—the sediment and discolouration is the toxins coming out of your body.

Part 3: The Diet

As you complete the ionic sessions, you will be guided in upgrading your diet to further the benefits of the detox.

Your skin will glow with radiance, and you feel energized as your body becomes cleansed. These are the steps towards a healthier you.

Who should not use the Ionic Detox

*Organ transplant recipients

*Pregnant or Nursing women

*Anyone with battery operated implants (ie. Pacemakers)

*Those who are on medications where a decrease in the medication could lead to health complications.

Those with health conditions or taking medications, should speak with their doctor or pharmacist prior to commencing any type of cleanse, or modifying their diet.

How it Works

Illustration of Elapsed Time from 0-30 min







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